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Tips To Protect Yourself In The Sun

  1. Time of day is important: Try to limit your time in the sun between 12pm and 3pm, when the sun is the strongest. Keep an eye on the UV index. If you’ve travelled to a sunny place pay extra attention.
  2. Shade is great: It can be pleasant to withdraw to the shade on a warm and sunny day, and it is also very good for your skin. If you’re on the beach,
    then bring a beach umbrella, but remember that sand and water, like snow and even concrete, reflect the sun’s rays.
  3. Sun Safe in style: Clothes are recommendable for sun protection. When possible, put on a long sleeved shirt and a wide brimmed hat.
  4. Sunscreen provides flexibility: Sunscreen is only number four on our list, but if you are going out to enjoy yourself in the sun and is it too hot for long clothes, then it’s a very good idea to put on a high SPF sunscreen every two hours.
  5. And always stay away from solariums and UV tanning beds

About Miiskin

The company Miiskin is based in Denmark. Miiskin has created an app for keeping an eye on your skin. The app does not replace a visit to your doctor. The app is free to use. Extra functionalities can be accessed through a subscription that comes with a 30 day free trial. Miiskin donates 15% of subscriptions to the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation. The information in this folder and in the Miiskin app is of general guidance only and does not substitute any recommendation by your doctor or other health personnel. You can contact Miiskin at support@miiskin.com and go to miiskin.com for more information and feel free to download the Miiskin brochure .

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