Sun Safety Education

About GoSafe Classroom Presentations


Our GoSafe Sun Safety Education program is an in-class information session, delivered in partnership with volunteers from local Universities and Colleges, focused on promoting safe sun attitudes and behaviors in children and young adults. Presenters explore scientific information about skin cancers, along with prevention techniques, the ABCDE’s of early detection and the dangers of artificial tanning.

Developed for children in grades 5 & 6, we aim to change future attitudes and behaviors related to skin cancer awareness and sun safety. Early education regarding sun safety has been studied and proven to decrease the number of sunburns in children, positively impacting future decisions concerning sun safety.

GoSafe Sun Safety eLearning Classes

If a presenter is not available in your area, you can still get the GoSafe Sun Safety Presentation experience with our eLearning classes. These can be done as a group, or can be assigned to students individually.

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