Volunteer FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: When do the presentations take place?

A: Presentations run through until end of June 2020. They will take place Monday to Friday, anytime between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm. Daytime availability is a requirement for our in-school presenters. Ambassadors have flexibility to sign up to do presentations around their schedule.


Q: What about transportation to different schools?  

A: Ambassadors are expected to provide their own transportation to and from presentation locations; however, they can sign up to present at schools based on location and availability.


Q: What kind of training and support are provided to volunteers?

A: We provide our Sun Safety Ambassadors with a 1 ½ hour of training session prior to their first in-school presentation. Our Educational Coordinator will also assist ambassadors during their first presentation, and will be available any time to answer questions or resolve any issues.


Q: Do I need to have any presenting experience?

A: No, presentation experience is not a requirement. Our Educational Coordinators provide training on how to deliver our GoSafe Sun Safety presentation. We can also pair you with more experienced volunteers until you feel comfortable presenting on your own.


Q: Do I have to deliver presentations by myself?

A: Not at all! Our Educational Coordinator would be happy to deliver presentations with you, or you can sign up to do presentations with another volunteer.


If you have any other questions, you can contact us at alberta@canadianskincancerfoundation.com

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Make a Difference
Deliver Sun Safety Presentations to grades 5 & 6 students about skin cancer prevention
Be Part of a Team
Want to present with a friend? Bring them along!
Pick Your Location
Sun Safety Ambassadors can choose to present in schools near them
Flexible Schedule
Work around your busy schedule with a 2 hour commitment per presentation
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