Your generous donation to the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation will support the Sun Safety Education Program

This program is an in-class information session, supplemented by online teaching tools, focused on promoting safe sun attitudes and behaviors in children and young adults. Our  Sun Safety Education program focuses on exploring scientific information about skin cancers, prevention techniques, the ABCDE’s of early detection and the dangers of artificial tanning.

With your donation, the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation will be empowered to teach a class about Sun Safety on your behalf.


When you donate, one of our volunteers will travel to a school in their community to deliver a Sun Safety presentation. They will teach children in grades 5 & 6 about sun safety, the ABCDE’S of early detection and how to prevent skin cancer. With a donation of $100 or more, you will provide an entire school with this knowledge. Help us prevent skin damage in children and adolescents and stop skin cancer in its tracks!

To become a part of our program and have a presentation delivered

 on your behalf, donate today!

To donate by mail, send your donation to:
Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation
PO Box 67178 Meadowlark RPO
Edmonton, AB T5R 5Y3

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Skin Cancer is Preventable

Early Detection Saves Lives

Learn about the ABCDE's of early detection and how to perform
a self skin check
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