Miiskin and the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation Partner to Raise Awareness of the Importance of Tracking Skin Changes

Miiskin’s AI-powered, skin tracking app is being utilized by more than 500,000 people around the world to track new and existing moles and skin spots


DENMARK, October 1, 2020Miiskin, a skin tracking digital health platform and app, today announces a partnership with the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation. According to The Canadian Cancer Society, throughout 2020, an estimated 8,000 Canadians will be diagnosed with melanoma, the most aggressive form of skin cancer. As more patients forgo regular cancer screening appointments due to COVID-19 fears, solutions to monitor skin changes at home are essential. The partnership will give Canadians access to potentially life-saving technology that empowers patients to conduct regular skin checks, increasing the likelihood of early detection of skin cancer.


Miiskin is the first AI-powered, skin tracking app to offer individual mole and full-body skin mapping – the latter being an essential feature as up to 80 percent of melanomas appear as new marks or moles on the skin rather than from changes to existing moles. Full-body skin mapping allows the users to see side-by-side photo comparisons to more easily identify marks that weren’t there before and bring new concerns to their doctor.


“Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer, and yet it’s so easily treatable if detected early. It’s our mission to make skin monitoring easy and accessible for everyone, increasing the likelihood of early detection,” says Jon Friis, founder of Miiskin. “As

we expand our footprint, we’re so excited to partner with the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation to increase awareness  of our solution and help to reduce skin cancer fatalities throughout Canada.”


Miiskin’s proprietary Skin Mapping tool automatically highlights moles and other marks on the skin in photos. Skin Mapping is Miiskin’s consumer version of traditional mole mapping technology used by dermatologists in clinics to track skin changes over time with high-resolution imagery. The app’s newest feature, Automatic Skin Imaging, applies the latest computer vision and augmented reality technologies to audibly and visually aid the user in taking full-body photos alone and hands-free and provides Skin Mapping to highlight new moles and marks.


“Monitoring for skin changes is of the utmost importance for detecting and treating skin cancer, and Miiskin’s intuitive app makes it easy to regularly take hi-res full-body images and compare over time,” said Heidi Veluw, Executive Director of the Canadian Skin Cancer Foundation. “Technology has made it easier than ever to supplement routine skin checks at the doctor’s office, and with COVID-19 disrupting many regular visits, I recommend apps like Miiskin to make the process easier while staying safe and avoiding potential exposure to the virus.”

For more information about Miiskin, visit www.miiskin.com or search for it in the Apple App Store or on Android Google Play.

About Miiskin

Founded in Denmark, Miiskin is a digital health platform helping more than 500,000 people around the world routinely track their skin changes. The app simplifies the self-examination process that is crucial to providing doctors with essential health information during checkup appointments. Deploying the latest in machine learning, computer vision and augmented reality, Miiskin reminds and empowers users to take individual and full-body photographs of the skin. Miiskin is the only skin tracking app in partnership with The Skin Cancer Foundation and other dermatology associations around the world. Miiskin can be downloaded from the App Store and Google Play, with advanced features available for a 30-day trial. For more information, visit www.miiskin.com.


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